Providing the right Brand positioning for your Blockchain Enterprise to make it investor-ready.


At ICO Gears, we are a team of combined over 30 years related-industry experience in software engineering, Blockchain, financial investment and marketing who provide a hub for token sales and blockchain projects. ICO Gears is designed to make the world of digital asset creation simple and offer industry leading advice to our clients.

Token Sale Advisory

ICO Gear provides a platform to help organize Blockchain token or virtual currency sale. With seasoned professionals who combine experience, market data, resources and assets creation to craft a winning solution that helps you execute your token sale well in a secured and safe manner. The team leverages its know-how and technology to guide you through end-to-end project sale set-up, Blockchain legal compliance (KYC/AML etc), token creation, token sale and general Blockchain marketing.

Private Sale Facilitation

With our extensive industry connections, we are able to prepare your project for participation in result-oriented private sale events with Blockchain and Traditional Venture Capital firms, Fund Houses, Private Equities, Market makers and certified individual investors. Exchange Listing We are able to tap into our numerous industry contacts to ensure that your project tokens get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges post-token sale. We take the hassle of exchange listing off your backs in order to have an economy and market system built around your digital tokens. Post-Token sale Liquidity Provision With stand-by fiat funds, we are able to provide fiat-liquidity to projects after token sale through quick and competitive-rate Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions.

Listing and Calendar

ICO Gear’s ICO calendar has a large number of subscribers. You can announce your project for interested audience. We process all requests in the order in which they arrive. It usually takes at least one business week to get your project listed provided the projects meets the set criteria below;

1. A project must have a working and professionally designed and run website.

2. Founders and/or management team members should be provided with their social media profiles.

3. Projects must have well-spelt-out value proposition, and this value proposition must make basic sense of solving an identified issue facing either a legal demographic sect or the world in its entirety.

4. Projects must state that they have put in place steps to ensure that investors' funds will be properly secured and as much as possible have measures in place to mitigate ICO wallet hacks.

5. We search the web about the project and its entire ICO process to make sure it has not been embroiled in any form of controversy to the best of our findings.

6. Project must be submitted by a member of the project team using an official email address based on the project's website domain. For update on the state of your listing email: [email protected]