Apple Bans Facebook Research App

Apple has stated that it will be banning Facebook’s research app that collect’s users’ personal data. Facebook seems to have been constantly at the centre of privacy scandals over the last couple of years and this time the social media giant has gone a step further to anger Apple users. Phone maker Apple INC says that Facebook has broken an agreement it made with it by publishing a research app… Read Article →

Global Blockchain Summit Comes off in Slovenia from April 29th to 30th

Nispana in collaboration with some of its partners like Slovenia’s Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, European Blockchain Hub, EUNEX, Bitnews Today and ICO Gears present this year’s Global Blockchain Summit in Slovenia. It is a two-day summit which is to take place from the 29th to 30th of April, 2019. Slovenia is known as one of the world’s leading Blockchain countries and due to their pro-DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)… Read Article →

Wikipedia now Accepts Donations in Bitcoin

The world’s leading online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia now accepts donations from its users all over the world in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Wikimedia, the non-profit organization that runs Wikipedia and some other similar free knowledge projects has forged a partnership with Bitpay, a renowned cryptocurrency payment processor to help it receive donations in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In fact, Wikipedia has already been receiving donations in Bitcoin since 2014… Read Article →

Press Release – Blockchain Elites Gathering in Sweden for the Stockholm Blockchain Forum

Sweden and the Nordics is home to an innovative start-up environment and a strong blockchain and crypto community. On April 11th of 2019, the Swedish blockchain community is opening its arms and welcome blockchain luminaries from across to world to the Stockholm Blockchain Forum by Techbook. On the 11th of April, Techbook is organising the first Stockholm Blockchain Forum at the Stockholm International Affairs in Älvsjö. The event is bringing… Read Article →

You can now Buy Crypto on Binance with you Credit and Debit Cards

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the globe today, launched a feature to enable users purchase crypto using their credit and debit cards. This was announced a few minutes ago by the exchange. Binance is doing this in partnership with Simplex, an Israeli payment processing company. This new portal will let Visa and Master card holders purchase crypto directly from the Binance exchange. At the moment, the cryptocurrencies… Read Article →

SWIFT to Trial Blockchain Tech for Remittances

Global banking remittance platform, SWIFT, will soon start testing its GPI payments standard through the Corda platform from R3. R3 is a Blockchain enterprise that helps companies to seamlessly plug-in their operations onto the Blockchain. SWIFT CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt whiles speaking at the Paris Fintech Forum yesterday 30th January, 2019 made this known. “Later today, we are announcing an integration with R3” he said. The firm followed this up with… Read Article →

Japan’s Fujitsu Uses Blockchain for Efficient Electricity Exchange

Fujitsu, one of Japan’s IT giants has developed a Blockchain-based system to enable its clients exchange electricity with the ultimate aim of giving stable energy supply at peak periods. Fujitsu announced this yesterday Wednesday 30th January, 2019 stating that it had a pending patent for a Blockchain system supported by electric power distribution company ENERES. The firm says they have so far achieved 40 percent efficiency in comparison to an… Read Article →

Alternative Social Media for the Crypto Community – Anti-Censorship

In the light of a number of current social media giants conspiring to stifle crypto business all in the pretentious guise of protecting the gullible public from scams, it has become imperative that the community looks for alternative media to keep their works going. Many of these internet companies have taken the lazy approach of making sweeping decisions instead of doing the work of deciphering real crypto projects from scams…. Read Article →

How Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trades Contributed to the Crypto Bear Market

In the second half of 2018, there was a large influx of institutional investors into the crypto space, but this positive development did not result in price appreciation of crypto assets. Why? Majority of their trades were done over-the-counter (OTC) as such, the trades were hidden from the public eyes since these types of trades are not recorded on exchanges’ public order book. These influx of funds into the crypto… Read Article →

The Nagging Babies of Blockchain

Despite being a gathering of some of the universe’s most intelligent people in one industry space at a time, it isn’t bereft of “hanky pankies”, drama queens and sheer ridiculousness. The Blockchain industry and ecosystem has attracted and continues to attract the best of the best, but it is also sometimes plagued with in-fighting that can be likened to ‘unexplained childishness.’ Differences in opinions, ideologies and visions are to be… Read Article →