Alternative Social Media for the Crypto Community – Anti-Censorship

In the light of a number of current social media giants conspiring to stifle crypto business all in the pretentious guise of protecting the gullible public from scams, it has become imperative that the community looks for alternative media to keep their works going.

Many of these internet companies have taken the lazy approach of making sweeping decisions instead of doing the work of deciphering real crypto projects from scams. In fact, some of these social media platforms have taken these actions on the back of their own ulterior motives since they have plans of launching their own digital currencies and payment portals and as such are using the unfair advantage of their numbers to drive out competition. However, people in the crypto community have been hard at work developing their own social media platforms to help accommodate genuine crypto projects and ensure that the world gets unbridled access – these projects aim to help liberate the internet from the grips of the dictatorial platforms we currently have.

Some of these projects are listed in the table below;

Crypto Friendly Substitute for
Minds – Anti-Facebook that pays you for your time Facebook
Gab – social network dedicated to preserving individual liberty, freedom of speech and free flow of information online Twitter
BitChute & BitTube – Putting creatives first whiles ensuring freedom of information YouTube
DuckDuckGo & StartPage – one-stop-shop for Blockchain-related and general information search with optimal privacy Google
EPIK – Get the perfect domain name for cheap GoDaddy

This article draws inspiration from a tweet by twitter user @seanking2919;

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