Global Blockchain Summit Comes off in Slovenia from April 29th to 30th

Nispana in collaboration with some of its partners like Slovenia’s Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, European Blockchain Hub, EUNEX, Bitnews Today and ICO Gears present this year’s Global Blockchain Summit in Slovenia. It is a two-day summit which is to take place from the 29th to 30th of April, 2019.

Slovenia is known as one of the world’s leading Blockchain countries and due to their pro-DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) stance, the country has its own Bitcoin city, and participants in the conference will get the opportunity to tour this city.

The Global Blockchain Summit comes off the back of the Europe-Asia tour of Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals by the European Blockchain Hub which is committed to the campaign for the global integration and adoption of DLT – the European Blockchain Hub intends to do this by exploring strategies that foster and strengthen the cooperation amongst Blockchain businesses, larger societies and regulators with the goal of developing the Blockchain ecosystem that is trustful and secure.

 The event is expecting over 1000 attendees from 30 countries with over 60 renowned speakers. There will be hundreds of exhibitors, Blockchain gurus, investors and start-ups. There will be an ICO/STO pitching session for Blockchain start-ups to sell their projects to potential investors and attendees.

In anticipation of this event, Slovenia’s Minister of Economic Development and Technology says that “Blockchain is a technology of the future and Slovenia has a vision to become a sandbox for Blockchain Technologies in all industrial sectors, for all businesses in the world.”

Blaz Golob, President of the European Blockchain Hub also said that “I believe that the future of society lies in the ability of people to communicate, cooperate and create good projects together. Blockchain can help us as a tool to act in this direction.”

An exciting side-attraction for the event will be the ‘Big Crypto Party’ to be coordinated by one of the best DJs in Slovenia. If you are interested in attending this event, click here for tickets.

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