The Team at ICO Gears can help you through the entire journey of your Blockchain venture, from conceptualization until post-sale services. Our services are diverse enough to meet your project at its exact-point of need as well as provide you with the ideal service cost structure for optimal results.

Idea & Venture Development

We can work with your project team to develop and shape your idea and then properly position your brand by way of giving your sale the right marketing it needs. We can see you through your whitepaper, executive summary or business plan development. We also help to get your project sale listed and visible on several listing platforms.

Blockchain & Smart contract Development

We have experts to help with the development of your token on the Blockchain and help create the smart contract you need for your sale execution. We can also help you grow your community and subsequently an economy around your token.

Private Sale Facilitation

With our extensive industry network and connect, we are able to get your project to its token sae as much as possible through private sale events and get your project in front of certified investors, Venture Capitals, Private Equities, Fund Houses and Market Makers. We believe that private sales are increasingly becoming the best option for ICOs since this way certified investors with the much-needed funds get to believe in a project and back it. It also cuts out the regulatory encumbrances of public sales, particularly with certain jurisdictions.

Blockchain Law, KYC/AML, Banking Services Facilitation

We give you access to international legal experts who are well-versed in the Blockchain industry. These legal luminaries are able to help your venture navigate jurisdictional laws and prescribe best approach for your enterprise in order to help scale possible legal hurdles. Your venture will also have the expertise of KYC/AML compliance availed to it, also enable both FIAT and Crypto payments for your token sale and ensure that your company’s right to traditional banking services are protected as a crypto/Blockchain enterprise.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Listings

To help catalyse and economy around your project token post-sale, we help your tokens to get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges as quickly as practicable. The hassle and stress associated with getting your tokens listed is taken off your shoulders so you can contrate on your core project mandate.

Over-The-Counter Crypto-to-Fiat trade/ Liquidity Provision

We help projects convert the cryptocurrencies they raised into fiat (USD/EUR/GBP) in a convenient and fast process, using competitive exchange rates, whiles observing appropriate AML and KYC procedure.